Godiva Retail Store


New Concept for Godiva Stores, based on Godiva’c client profile: 30 year old working man/woman looking for a work-life balance. Single and young; takes advantage of the opportunity that work gives him to stay busy. Godiva’s Gold Rush symbolizes the gold mining process. After a long and hardworking day, godiva’s client can reap the fruits of his labor and find compensation in a piece of Godiva’s best selection of chocolates.
The layout and the angles lead the client to the final product, which is the fine and pure gold. Elements such as the branded terrazo “G” flooring and the gold brick ceiling are reminiscent of the mines.
Whether it is during a long cafe talk with a friend or a run-through to grab some chocolate gems, there is always a hint of surprise and glimmer throughout Godiva’s store; it is all part of the excavation process.